U.S. gets figurehead back for Sevens

Todd Clever, (AP Photo/Nousha Salimi)

Todd Clever, (AP Photo/Nousha Salimi)

Todd Clever, the bushy-haired and wild-eyed leader of the U.S. 15s, is returning for Sevens duty for the Hong Kong tournament.

Clever plays professional Rugby in Japan for Suntory. That season is now finished.

It’s been just under two years since Clever last donned a red, white and blue Sevens shirt for the U.S. The jump between the two games is not an easy one. The speed, individuality and pure fitness level required for Sevens means the needed adjustment is both physical and mental.

Still, having Clever’s energy and fiery leadership back with the team – even if he plays only a few minutes – is bound to ignite his teammates.

The Hong Kong tournament, long one of the most festive and widely supported IRB Sevens dates, runs from March 25 to March 27.

The U.S., which has claimed the Shield in its last two tournaments – in Wellington and Las Vegas – will face pool play games against England, Japan and China.

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